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This is for the information of all the students of BG 4h semester who opted SKILL ENHANCEMENT COURSE (SEC) PSC418S: PUBLIC OPINION AND SURVEY RESEARC offered by political science as skill are directed to submit their assignments. The final date for submission of assignments is 12th of May 2023.

The topics for assignments are given below any assignments outside the given topics shall not be entertained for presentation and award.


Unit III: Survey Research 3.1 Interviewing: Interview Techniques Pitfalls, Different types and farms of interview. 3.2 Questionnaire: Question Wording; Fairness and Clarity.

Unit IV: Quantitative Data Analysis 4.1 Introduction to quantitative Data Analysis 4.2 Basic Concepts: Correlation Research, Causation and Prediction, descriptive and inferential Statistics. 4.3 Prediction in polling research: possibilities and pitfalls; politics of Interpreting polling.    


                                                    Dr. Firdous Ahmad Dar

                                                   HOD Political Science