Government Degree College Beerwah, situated in the center of Beerwah, is a leading institution for higher education in the region. Our college has been serving the students of the area since 2005, offering them quality education and preparing them for the challenges of the future. Our goal is to provide a holistic education to our students, imparting not just theoretical knowledge but also practical skills, social values and moral ethics. At GDC Beerwah, we believe in creating an environment of continuous learning and growth.

Our faculty is highly qualified and committed to providing students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in their personal and professional lives. We offer a variety of undergraduate programs in arts, science and commerce, including honors courses in selected subjects, to cater to the diverse interests and aspirations of our students.

The implementation of the New Education Policy 2020 has brought with it new opportunities for our institution. The UT of Jammu and Kashmir has taken a lead in fully implementing the NEP-2020 from the 2022 batch onwards in all Higher Educational Institutions. The policy aims to create a new education system that prioritizes critical thinking, problem solving and creativity over rote learning. Our college is in sync with the objectives of the policy which include providing education in the mother tongue, promoting multidisciplinary education and enhancing the quality of education through use of technology.

The infrastructure at our college is constantly being improved and developed to provide students with the best possible learning experience. We have a modern browsing centre, digital boards, newly constructed classroom huts and a solar power plant. Our library is also undergoing renovations to provide students with a better study environment. Moreover, our institution offers two skill courses in mobile repairing and cutting and tailoring under the guidance of the Skill Development Council of India.

At GDC Beerwah, we are devoted to the overall development of our students. Our college has been assigned an IGNOU study centre and NCC wing to provide students with additional opportunities for growth and development. We are proud to be a part of Jammu and Kashmir’s commitment to the full implementation of NEP-2020 and are confident that our students will be well-prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

We invite you to visit our website and learn more about our college and the opportunities we offer to our students.

College Tarana:


The Government Degree College, Beerwah aims to emerge as a seat of higher learning and centre of excellence in the field of higher education by developing a competent and creative human resource with societal orientation through quality teaching, research and extension.


The mission of this institution is to realize the vision to the fullest by utilizing all its resources both human as well as infrastructural resources to achieve intellectual enlightenment and emancipation at individual and societal levels through innovative, creative and progressive Education.


To cultivate values of tolerance, brotherhood, honesty, hard work, devotion and dedication among the students.