Department of Social Work


The Department of Social Work was established in 2015. The Department promotes value based education in social work that is democratic, emancipatory, and egalitarian and one that develops a critical perspective in students. It offers dynamic and relevant 3 years programme at the Bachelor’s level. It also identifies new areas for social work practice and evolves innovative strategies through practice-based research and field action projects. Other thrust areas of the School are research, networking and liaising with governmental and non-governmental organisations, and industry for capacity building, policy and programme development, and extension.

The college offers courses in history of Social Work Profession, Social Science and Social Work,  Case Work, Group Work and Community Organization, Social Welfare Administration and Social Work Research. In addition it also offers General Elective Courses in Women Empowerment, Social Work Response to Disaster Management, and Group Inequality. Community Lab is one of the important features of program in which students of all semesters are exposed to the Rural, Urban and Tribal communities, Development Organizations and Industry for different course related assignments. Internal assignments, field work reports, classroom presentations, group discussions, class attendance and documentaries form an important part of internal assessment of the student.

So far more than 700 students in 4 batches have completed  Social Work as part of Bachelor’s programs since the introduction of subject in the college. Most of the students who complete Social Work from the college get in to further studies in J&K UT and outside, work with different NGOs and industries or get involved into self-employment.

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