Department of Political Science


The department of Political Science was established in 2005 and since then it stands for fastening and equipping students of Political Science with knowledge and know-how of State-Citizen interactions based on professional and academic standards. Being a master discipline, political science encompasses issues ranging from local to global standing with both normative and systematic in its coverage, teaches a wide range of issues such as political institutions, political behavior, public policy, Comparative Politics, Western Political Thought, Indian Political Thought, International Relations, and political theory, politics of religion, ethnicity, and varieties of pluralism. These and various other new developments make political science a richer discourse today than twenty years ago, albeit a discourse that is clearly continuous with that earlier one.

The academic sojourn offered promising insights into the working of Government, and functions of the state in various political settings, helping students to build their intellectual capacities with knowledge of institutional arrangements that are at play in providing goods and services to the citizens. Being a field of study, which has an enormous role in Civil Service examinations like Union Public Service Commission/J&K Public Service Commission and the centrality of Political Science & its working through IAS/KAS officers. The Courses and Syllabus offered by the Department of Political Science are oriented in that direction. While comprehensive coverage of all recent developments in the subject is not possible, however, efforts are made to cover the main currents in this broad discipline. It is a lively and thriving enterprise, of which we are proud to be part.