Digital J&K Week 2023

Digital J&K Week 2023 - Celebrating Digital Transformation and Innovation

Dear Students and Faculty Members,

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming "Digital J&K Week 2023," a week-long event dedicated to celebrating the strides made in the field of digital transformation and innovation in Jammu & Kashmir. This event is organized by Department of Computer Sciences in collaboration with NSS Wing of the College and is scheduled to take place from August 31st to September 6th, 2023, at Government Degree College Beerwah. The week will be filled with engaging activities and discussions that highlight the progress achieved and the potential of digital initiatives in our region.

Event Highlights:

  1. Lecture by Prof. M Iqbal Bhat (HoD Computer Sciences): On the opening day of the event, Prof. M. Iqbal Bhat will deliver a thought-provoking lecture on "Digital Transformation in J&K: Progress towards a Digital India" This enlightening session will shed light on the advancements achieved by the Government of J&K in realizing the vision of a Digital India. The lecture is scheduled for the 1st day of the event, i.e., August 31st, 2023.

  2. Essay Competition: We invite all students to participate in an essay competition that revolves around the theme of "Empowering J&K through Digital Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges." This competition offers a platform for you to share your insights and perspectives on how digital initiatives are shaping our region. Let your thoughts and creativity flow as you contribute to the discourse on digital transformation. The essay competition will be held on September 2nd, 2023.

  3. Painting Competition: For the artistic souls, there's a painting competition with the theme "E-Expressions: Portraying Digital Transformation in J&K." Express your vision of a digitally empowered J&K through your artwork. This competition will be held on September 4th, 2023.

  4. Quiz Competition: Sharpen your minds for a quiz competition that will test your knowledge of the digital landscape and its impact on our region. The quiz will cover a range of topics, from technological advancements to cybersecurity. Get ready to compete on September 6th, 2023.

Registration Link:

Registration Link:

We encourage all students and faculty members to actively participate in the various events of the "Digital J&K Week 2023." This is a unique opportunity to engage with the transformative power of digital innovation and explore its implications for our lives, education, and society.

Let's come together to celebrate the journey of digital transformation and innovation in Jammu & Kashmir. Your participation will contribute to the success of this event and inspire further exploration of the digital frontier.