Notification for Internals/Tutorials

In view of your final semester examination scheduled to be conducted w,e,f, 17th of October 2023 wherein the departments have been instructed to submit internal awards by 20th of September to 1st of Oct., 2023 . This is for the information of the all the regular batch-2020 opted POLITICAL SCIENCE: INDIAN PARLIAMENT as Generic Elective paper that their internals/tutorials shall be conducted by Tomorrow (26/09/2023) in the political Science Dept. The Vivo shall start at 10:30 am sharp. Any failure on your part will be marked as absent in the final reward list so be on time.

Students are instructed to cover the following topics for tomorrows written test.

1.1. History & Growth of Parliamentary System in India

1.2. Composition of Parliament:

a) The President

b) Lok Sabha

c) Rajya Sabha


Political Science